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RegioX simplifies industry-agnostic construction projects with full-service geospatial data capture, hosting and analysis made possible by our underlying software, RX.

From greenfields project development tenders to recrudescent maintenance plans and reporting,
we’ve got you covered.


The RX software is an easy-to-use web-based tool that provides clients with a cooperative platform for gaining insight and control into land, infrastructure and building projects.

GIS and surveying

We deliver accurate map layers – from data capture to post possessing, analysis and FKB production (Including GML, UML and FKB_SOSI). Map layers can be viewed and downloaded through our RX platform and is accessible from our WMS- server.
We also produce detailed point clouds, outdoors and indoors.

Data capture

Trust our CAA accredited (specific category) ground and air data-capture specialists to obtain high-quality data of your project for reliable, accurate insights.

Media production

Share your project’s most valuable imagery, simulated vision and insights in a format that suits you, your team and your brand.

Inspection services

Reclaim control of a site with detailed inspection footage and documentation that you can trust.

Project development and management

Trusted by private, public and industrial sectors, RegioX gets the job done on time and on budget.

About Us

Built and driven by a team of dedicated industry professionals, RegioX combines specialised knowledge in GIS data and analysis, Geography and unmanned aerial operations with daring R&D,
business and software development prowess.

United behind the name: RegioX, we draw from the Latin term, Regio, meaning direction, ground, lines and boundaries and add to it an X: the distinctive knowledge, skills and mindset we bring to every project. Expect unconventional solutions to even your most mind bending problems.

Management team

+47 41 27 27 42
Kvassnesvegen 44, 5914 Isdalstø, Norway
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